Monday, March 30, 2009

i LOVE u, MOM & DAD!!

*the best mum in the world*

Mummy, thanks for:

1. bringing me to this wonderful world.
2. washing my clothes.
3. calling me everytime to make sure tat i'm safe.
4. preparing fruit juice for me every morning.
5. encouraging me when i'm facing difficulties.
6. scolding me when i hav done sumtin wrong.
7. teaching me to becum a good person.
8. accompany me everytime i feel lonely.

*the best dad in the world*

Daddy, thanks for:

1. being my driver for such a long time.
2. buying me delicious foods.
3. giving me pocket money
4. bringing me to travel.
5. sharing your experiences & stories v me.
6. working so hard to support the family.
7. playing v me.
8. trusting me.

Ah Girl Will Always LOVE U!!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

EARTH HOUR~ plz support

~28th MARCH~


Let's turn off the lights together & enjoy the moment.....

TAKE CARE of our earth, not only today but everytime in everywhere.....

*CONCERN about the global warming issue

*CONCERN about the animals & plants

*LOVE our earth so that v can live peacefully & happily

Thursday, March 26, 2009

JPA Scholarship!!

真是难以置信,我竟然被选去JPA scholarship的面试!!
李佩君,GAMBATE!! 你一定行!!

p/s: congrats to all my frens who hav been selected to the JPA scholarship interview!! muz
prepare well & make up urself b4 goin for the interview..... Good luck & all the best to u!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

really confused now..... whr should i go? Form 6? A-level?
I prefer A-level but it's too expensive, my parents hav 2 pay 4 me & my sis who is same age v me.... all together it's bout rm40K++.... wow! such a big amount.....they cant afford this....
Form 6.... it's very tough, but i think i can do it only if there's a good tutor.... nowadays f6 teachers cannot teach well, then how can i understand the lessons n score well in exam? haiz....
currently i'm applying 4 scholarships, hopefully i can get 1....but i think the chance is very tiny bcoz i got only 8a's(6a1&2a2), there r too many ppl who scored better results than me!!

no matter whr m i goin to study, i muz study very very hard to get an excellent results so tat i can apply 4 scholarship to study overseas.... i'm so regret tat i din prepare well 4 spm.... eventhough i'm satisfied v my spm results but i think i can do even better....
GOD bless me^-^

p/s: i miss my frenz very much!! let's hang out sumday....