Monday, March 30, 2009

i LOVE u, MOM & DAD!!

*the best mum in the world*

Mummy, thanks for:

1. bringing me to this wonderful world.
2. washing my clothes.
3. calling me everytime to make sure tat i'm safe.
4. preparing fruit juice for me every morning.
5. encouraging me when i'm facing difficulties.
6. scolding me when i hav done sumtin wrong.
7. teaching me to becum a good person.
8. accompany me everytime i feel lonely.

*the best dad in the world*

Daddy, thanks for:

1. being my driver for such a long time.
2. buying me delicious foods.
3. giving me pocket money
4. bringing me to travel.
5. sharing your experiences & stories v me.
6. working so hard to support the family.
7. playing v me.
8. trusting me.

Ah Girl Will Always LOVE U!!


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