Tuesday, March 24, 2009

really confused now..... whr should i go? Form 6? A-level?
I prefer A-level but it's too expensive, my parents hav 2 pay 4 me & my sis who is same age v me.... all together it's bout rm40K++.... wow! such a big amount.....they cant afford this....
Form 6.... it's very tough, but i think i can do it only if there's a good tutor.... nowadays f6 teachers cannot teach well, then how can i understand the lessons n score well in exam? haiz....
currently i'm applying 4 scholarships, hopefully i can get 1....but i think the chance is very tiny bcoz i got only 8a's(6a1&2a2), there r too many ppl who scored better results than me!!

no matter whr m i goin to study, i muz study very very hard to get an excellent results so tat i can apply 4 scholarship to study overseas.... i'm so regret tat i din prepare well 4 spm.... eventhough i'm satisfied v my spm results but i think i can do even better....
GOD bless me^-^

p/s: i miss my frenz very much!! let's hang out sumday....


Yunzzzz said...

u applied scholarship
dun thk too much de
u can de
8a's wor


Cassandra said...

haha... thx... i will try my best!!
will miss ya!frenz 4va!!

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