Saturday, May 23, 2009

Orientation Week - human monopoly

This week is the orientation week( 18/5 - 22/5 ) of tarc.... there are a lot of activities which organized by the student welfare committee just 4 the freshmen in tarc... Talentime Night, Orientation Odessey Night, Adjustment To College Life, Human Monopoly, Society Day & KL Tour.... Well, I think it's an unfair to all the pre-u( a-level & stpm) students becoz v had started our course earlier than the diploma students & v couldn't join all the activities... we'd miss our lessons if v had joined them.... but luckily, all the a-level students cooperated to skip our class & participated the human monopoly on the last day of the orientation week... of course, we had had the approval from miss huang...

There were about 50 groups in the human monopoly & each group had 10 members, u can imagine how many ppl were there in the sport complex who joining this game... i was in "yellow monkey"group v 2 of my classmates, jia ying & piak lin together v her frens.... b4 the games started, v communicated v each other... yeah, i've got more frens now... hehe...

Each group would've 10 stones from the organizer & v had to bet min. 10 stones at each game station.... the group who had won would get all the stones... On the other hand, those who had lost n had no enuf stones to bet had to go to the pawnshop to pawn our belongings 4 extra stones... In the 1st game, our group had won but after tat v r not as lucky as the others did... Overall, my group won only 3 games out of 8 games.... haha... wat a unlucky group!! v got only 7 stones left... v were running throughout this games n luckily it was just a part of tarc but not the whole college, or else v would b dying there.... however, all of us really enjoyed the games.... v had got a right choice to skip the class...=)

Oh ya! i meet even more kwang hua-rians in tarc in this orientation week... most of them r taking diploma thr... besides that, thr r also my ns frens studiyng thr too... haha... so happy to c them again... u noe wat, i considered tarc as the second kwang hua bcoz thr r really a lot of them studying thr.... can't wait to hang out v them sumday... but dunno whether my schedule allow it onot....hopefully yes!!

p/s: cy n i went to the audition 4 orientation odessey night (oo night)... both of us got into the 2nd audition.... but i din't go 4 it bcoz i'm just playing around... cy has got into the final of oo night( somethin like beauty contest) after the 2nd & 3rd audition... congrats!! she has to attend 4 the training bout 6 weeks... wow! it must b tiring... hopefully she can win the contest!!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Back home

yippy! back home again!! just miss my home so much after moving to setapak.....

well, let me tell u bout tar college..... yup, it's a beautiful & nice college! i lov the environment of tar college... it's very comfortable to study thr.... thr's lots of facilities too such as swimming pool, basketball court, volleyball court, badminton court, field & so on... one more thing, the food thr r very cheap & delicious....

1st day studying thr i felt very boring & lonely since i'm not in d same class v cheau yin( i'm in class E & she's in class D)... haha...but 2 days later i had got to noe some new frens, they're so nice & frendly!! oh ya, i met my ns frens, shreethi & eric thr too... they're taking a-level also... i was so excited to meet them thr bcoz i've never expected to c them in tar college... the lecturers here r also good but some of the lecturers can't speak well in english... anyway, they still try hard to speak english v us & encourage us to speak in english as well( many of them speak in mandarin)...

i still can catch up the lessons in these 3 days since v're revising f4 & f5 work, but i dunno wat will happen after tat... mayb it will b tougher than i, i'll study very very hard to get an excellent result... hope i can do it!!

Feel super happy to study again, studying a-level is not like studying secondary skul anymore... it's a new life 4 me... i'm sure i'll enjoy it!! hope to meet my old frenz too, miss them so much!! how r u all, buddies?? keep in touch ya!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

~ sigh ~

my parents quarrelled again yesterday... haiz... juz bcoz of a small matter...
i dunno why my mum keep suspecting my dad, n my dad also keep lying to my mum....
sometimes i'm very tired with their attitude... where r their trust & faith to each other???


received a msg from aunt this morning... grandpa had been sent to icu... worry bout him so much.... hope he will b fine... GOD bless him....

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Orphanage

watched this movie v my cousin & sisters at 11.30pm yesterday.... i noe it had been shown in the cinema long time ago but now only i got the chance to watched it..... it's quite hard to watch a movie using laptop right? too small....but still satisfied....

no doubt, 'the orphanage' is a ghost story... it seems scary but it's not.... however i like this movie very much, it shows how kind a mother is... this story is bout the determination of a mother to find her adopted son.... very touching in the end... a mother will sacrifice everthing for her children even to death...

this story teaches me a lesson that is i muz always love my mother & appreciate wat she has given to me.... for those who haven watch this movie yet, i encourage u to watch it since it's full of mysteries & suspenses... most important is it shows mother's greatest love...

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

* Sleep *

i read this article this morning!! it's important to share v u all.... muz get a nice sleep!!

Sleep stages: the sleep cycle

Understanding sleep stages and the sleep cycle can help you get better sleep. Your sleep is regulated by an internal body clock, sensitive to light, time of day and other cues for sleep and awakening. When you fall asleep, your sleep goes in cycles throughout the night, moving back and forth between deep restorative sleep and more alert stages and dreaming. As the night progresses, you spend more time in dream sleep and lighter sleep.

There are two main types of sleep. REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep is when you do most active dreaming. Your eyes actually move back and forth during this stage, which is why it is called REM sleep. Non-REM (NREM) sleep consists of four stages of deeper and deeper sleep. Each sleep stage is important for overall quality sleep, but deep sleep and REM sleep are especially vital.

Sleep stages and brain activity

Why we sleep (Scientific American) provides a detailed description of brain activity during the stages of sleep and wakefulness. Includes excellent diagrams.

Stage 1 (Drowsiness) - Stage 1 lasts just five or ten minutes. Eyes move slowly under the eyelids, muscle activity slows down, and you are easily awakened.

Stage 2 (Light Sleep)
- Eye movements stop, heart rate slows, and body temperature decreases.

Stages 3 & 4 (Deep Sleep)
- You’re difficult to awaken, and if you are awakened, you do not adjust immediately and often feel groggy and disoriented for several minutes. Deep sleep allows the brain to go on a little vacation needed to restore the energy we expend during our waking hours. Blood flow decreases to the brain in this stage, and redirects itself towards the muscles, restoring physical energy. Research also shows that immune functions increase during deep sleep.

REM sleep (Dream Sleep)
– At about 70 to 90 minutes into your sleep cycle, you enter REM sleep. You usually have three to five REM episodes per night. This stage is associated with processing emotions, retaining memories and relieving stress. Breathing is rapid, irregular and shallow, the heart rate increases, blood pressure rises, males may have penile erections, and females may have clitoral enlargement.

How we fall asleep

How do our bodies know when it is time to sleep? We all have an internal circadian clock that provides cues for when it is time to sleep and time to wake. This clock is sensitive to light and time of day, which is why having a good bedtime routine and a quiet dark place to sleep is so important. At the same time, a chemical messenger called adenosine builds up during the day as our bodies are busy using energy. The more adenosine builds up in the brain, the sleepier you will feel. Adenosine combined with the circadian clock sends a powerful message of sleepiness to your body.

Importance of deep sleep and REM sleep

Deep Sleep
Each stage of sleep offers benefits to the sleeper. However, deep sleep is perhaps the most vital stage. It is the first stage that the brain attempts to recover when sleep deprived, and the strongest effects of sleep deprivation are from inadequate deep sleep. What might disrupt deep sleep? If you are caring for someone around the clock, whether it is a small infant or an elderly relative with a serious illness, you might need to attend to them suddenly in the middle of the night. Loud noise outside or inside the home might wake you. If you work the night shift, sleeping during the day may be difficult, due to light and excess noise during the day. Substances like alcohol and nicotine also disrupt deep sleep.
Maximize your deep sleep. Make sure your sleep environment is as comfortable as possible and minimize outside noise. If you are being awakened as a caregiver, make sure that you get some time of uninterrupted sleep, especially if you have had some unusually disruptive
nights. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

REM sleep
REM sleep, or dream sleep, is essential to our minds for processing and consolidating emotions, memories and stress. It is also thought to be vital to learning, stimulating the brain regions used in learning and developing new skills. Most of dreaming occurs during REM sleep, although it can happen during other sleep stages as well. There are different theories as to why you dream. Freud thought that dreams were the processing of unconscious desires. Today, researchers wonder if it may be the brain’s way of processing random fragments of information received during the day. Much of dreaming is still a mystery. If REM sleep is disrupted one night, your body will go through more REM the next to catch up on this sleep stage.

Getting more REM sleep
Studies have shown that better REM sleep helps boost your mood during the day. How can you get more REM sleep? One simple way is to try to sleep a little more in the morning. As your sleep cycles through the night, it starts with longer periods of deep sleep. By the morning, the REM sleep stage is longer. Try sleeping an extra half hour to hour and see if your mood improves.
Improving your overall sleep will also increase your REM sleep. If your body is deprived of deep sleep, it will try to make that up first- at the expense of REM sleep.

Monday, May 4, 2009

relax & try it!!

1. 公车靠站,车上已经载满了人,下一班车要一刻钟后才到,你会怎么办呢?  
◎不想再等下去了,再挤也要上车──请答第 2 题 
◎人太多了,还是等一班吧!──请答第 4 题  

2. 旅行途中的你突然头很痛,这时正好有热心人拿药给你吃,你会如何抉择呢?  
◎说声谢谢后马上吃药 ──请答第 6 题 
◎找理由拒绝对方的药──请答第 3 题  

3. 某部电影很让你感动,你有何反应呢?  
◎会跟身边的人讲故事情节,推荐给别人 ──请答第 12 题  
◎将感动藏在心里,不需与人分享──请答第 7 题  

4. 一辆红色的面包车开到湖边,你认为里面坐的是什么人?  
◎一队情侣或一家人──请答第 3 题  
◎歹徒──请答第 5 题  

5. 画面上有一颗桃心,你会联想到什么呢?  
◎爱情──请答第 12 题  
◎ 扑克牌 ──请答第 8 题  

6. 朋友说她要去参加一个聚会,你会怎样呢?  
◎要求带你一起参加─ ─请答第 9 题  
◎除非她主动说要带你去,不然的话只有保持沉默──请答第 10 题  

7. 和男孩子一起用餐,餐费是他主动付的,好像花了不少钱,你有什么感觉呢?  
◎觉得过意不去,之后会跟他平摊费用 ──请答第 10 题  
◎男生埋单天经地义,会道谢但不出钱 ──请答第 12 题  

8. 参加同学会的时候发现你最要好的朋友却没来,你会怎么办呢?  
◎觉得很没趣,早早回家吧──请答第 13 题  
◎硬着头皮敷衍到底──请答第 12 题  

9. 你希望多少岁的时候步入结婚礼堂?  
◎ 21-25 岁 ──请答第 11 题  
◎ 26-30 岁──请答第 10 题  

10. 星期天在家,手机和座机同时响起,你会怎么办呢?  
◎ 先接其中的一个 ──请答第 15 题  
◎两个一起接──请答第 16 题  

11. 如果你抽奖中了一栋别墅,你希望它位于何处呢?  
◎ 海边或湖畔 ──请答第 14 题  
◎小岛上──请答第 15 题  

12. 拥挤的车厢里一位漂亮的女孩子被人踩到脚了,你认为她的表情应该是怎样的呢?  
◎疼得叫起来──请答第 16 题  
◎非常生气,责怪对方──请答第 17 题  

13. 一位跟你不是很要好的朋友请你吃饭,你会有什么感觉呢?  
◎对方发财了──请答第 21 题  
◎必然有事相求 ──请答第 17 题  

14. 朋友送了一份你不是很喜欢的礼物给你,你会怎么做呢?  
◎平静地说谢谢──请答第 18 题  
◎假装很开心的样子──请答第 19 题  

15. 大卖场四折大清仓,你会怎么做呢?  
◎疯狂大采购──请答第 18 题  
◎不一定要买什么──请答第 19 题  

16. 你是否将人家送给你的东西转送给他人?  
◎有过──请答第 19 题  
◎ 从来没有 ──请答第 20 题  

17. 一位妖精女子在等出租车,凭直觉你认为她要去做什么呢?  
◎去跟男朋友约会──请答第 16 题  
◎去夜总会上班 ──请答第 21 题  

18. 突然有人从背后重重地拍了一下你的肩膀,你猜这个拍你的人是男生还是女生呢?  
◎ 男生 ──请答第 22 题  
◎女生──请答第 23 题  

19. 你比较喜欢喝冰红茶还是珍珠奶茶呢?  
◎珍珠奶茶──请答第 18 题  
◎冰红茶──请答第 20 题  

20. 你和好朋友一起乘车,你会主动帮对方买票吗?  
◎会──请答第 24 题  
◎ 不会 ──请答第 21 题  

21. 对于酷酷的异性,你有接近他的想法吗?  
◎有──请答第 25 题  
◎ 没有 ──请答第 23 题  

22. 一男一女在街上勾肩搭背,你认为他们是什么关系呢?  
◎恋爱关系──答案 A  
◎ 纯友谊关系 ──答案 B  
23. 每个女孩子都有玩家家的经历,回想一下,孩童时代的你比较喜欢扮演妈妈还  是小孩呢?  
◎喜欢扮妈妈──答案 E  
◎喜欢扮小孩─ ─答案 C  

24. 在游乐场玩耍,你比较喜欢玩以下哪一个游乐项目呢?  
◎摩天轮──答案 F  
◎秋千── 答案 D  

25. 跟朋友在一起好像总有说不完的话题似的?  
◎ 是的 ──答案 G  
◎不一定──请答第 24 题    

A. 梅花鹿   

谨慎小心,待人和蔼可亲   外冷内热的梅花鹿做事谨慎小心,很少鲁莽行事,这类型的人有完美主义倾向,自尊心又强,最瞧不起懦弱的表现,更不喜欢让别人看到自己的缺点,有时外表看似冷   漠,其实却有颗温柔坦诚的心,是慢热型的人,偶尔也会被周遭的人或事感动得落泪,也不排除歇斯底里发泄情绪的时刻。   

【如何排除人际烦恼】   过于追求完美的你无形中与人有隔膜,你应该主动敞开心扉,表现出最真的你,将深藏的热情与坦率展现出来,大家才会对你刮目相看,不妨将你的心事与身边的朋   友分享,他们会理解你的。   

【对异性的态度】   你一直都在苦苦找寻能真正读懂你心的人,因为你那起伏不定情绪极度缺乏安全感,所以你需要一位能包容你,值得依靠的蓝颜知己。   

【职业预测】   你拥有绝佳的想象力与品位,适合自己创业或在艺术领域里发挥所长。     

B. 海龟   
协调性强,对人温柔体贴   海龟派的协调性比较强,做事脚踏实地,内心温柔细腻且易碎,所以经常要承受过大的压力又不大愿意将烦恼说出来,这类人的个性为内向害羞,一般来说,很少与人发生争斗,更不喜欢在众人面前出风头,举手投足间充满温柔恬静的味道,感性的你很容易为别人流泪,也很为他人着想。   

【如何排除人际烦恼】   厌恶阶段斗争的你为了保持一团和气,有可能说些善意的谎言,你从不敢抗拒长辈的要求,也不好意思拒绝别人的请求,所以许多工作都落到了你头上,不用过于在意别人的想法,你应该更重视自己的感受。   

【对异性的态度】   你向往细水长流的爱情,就算拍拖,行为举止也跟平常差不多,此外,你对另一半的依赖心比较严重,适合你的人必须成熟稳重又体贴多情。   

【职业预测】   医生、护士、幼儿园老师、客户联络员都比较适合你。     

C. 折耳猫   
注重外表的时髦派   爱出风头的折耳猫,有着异常可爱的外表,不论走到何处永远都是众人的焦点,这类型的人感知流行时尚的能力超好,懂得如何打扮自己,展现自己的优点,虽然有点臭美,但绝不会盲从,因为天生的好品位,所以你很擅长打造属于自己的风格,言行举止略显夸张的你也是社交高手。   

【如何排除人际烦恼】   好恶分明的你,只要是自己不愿意做的事就会明明白白地拒绝,你绝对不会勉强自己去配合别人的步调,与志同道合的人交往或共事,能给你带来快乐,你也会在他们的帮助下不断成长。   

【对异性的态度】   异性面前的你自信满满,你对另一半的要求很高,他一定会跟你一样优秀或更出色,才能在征服你的心,你那魔女般的气质,将周遭的男生迷得团团转。   

【职业预测】   品位出众的你社交能力超强,适合朝演艺界发展。     

D. 牧羊犬   
忠心,目的性比较强   牧?犬对主人百分百忠心,为了完成工作不惜付出一切,这类型的人非常遵守规章制度,对于朋友拜托的事都会如期完成,人缘很不错,有教养又懂礼貌的你不喜欢出   风头,只要做好职责范围之内的事就尽情沉醉在自我的兴趣中咯,闲暇时候的你那副悠闲自得的模样,很是令人羡慕。   

【如何排除人际烦恼】   因为个性随和的缘故,所以你跟任何人都能和平相处,对人缺乏防备可以说是你的最大缺点,也是你烦恼的根源,心太诚太善的话,很容易被人利用,你必须提高警惕,才不至于让吃亏上当。   

【对异性的态度】   你非常享受谈恋爱的感觉,对于不入眼的异性相当冷漠,一般来说,你很少为爱受折磨,就算有喜欢的对象也不敢主动告白,不过一旦爱起来将是那么热情难挡。   

【职业预测】   你的好耐心是大优点哦,适合当医生、会计师、电脑工程师等。     

E. 金丝猴   
知性外表下有颗坚强的心   金丝猴具有大智慧,非常聪明,所以这类型的人大多理性又有才华,自信的你   就算有再大的成就也不会骄傲,虽然从内心来说,也很希望得到他人的赞赏,但却表现得   很沉稳,一副宠辱不惊的样子,你一旦遇到自己喜欢的事就会大把大把投入时间和精力,   甚至有可能到废寝忘食的地步哦!   

【如何排除人际烦恼】   你虽然不会主动攻击别人,但却蛮喜欢和别人抬杠!当你与人争论时,总是一副理直   气壮的样子,让对手无法招架,对人际关系也有一定的影响,注意一下你的语调,   口气不要太严厉了。   

【对异性的态度】   你在感情上是相当自我的人,表面上对恋人百依百顺,其实却很有自己的想法   和原则 ,你讨厌被恋人命令和束缚,一旦分歧过大,你便会主动提出分手。   

【职业预测】   你是最佳的配合者,比较适合做经理助理、经纪人等。     

F. 长颈鹿   
知性优雅,默默等待爱情   长颈鹿是位冷静的思考者,这类型的人知性而优雅,喜欢研究问题,为人成熟   稳重,进退自如,绝不会做出令人大跌眼镜的事情来,人缘不错,大家都很喜欢你,不管   遇到什么状况,你都能冷静处理,但也因为在一些小地方上过于保守,可能会白白错失不   少机会,当机会降临时可要抓牢哦!   

【如何排除人际烦恼】   你从不会拒绝别人的请求,不管身边的朋友拜托你做什么,你都欣然接受,这   样一来 ,很容易把自己累坏哦!别人喜欢依赖你,而你却找不到可以依赖的人,你必须向   别人请求支援才能为自己减压。   

【对异性的态度】   你很少主见主动追求别人,你好像一直在默默等待有缘人的出现哦!过于温吞   的个性是你恋爱路上的绊脚石,你必须积极行动起来才能牢牢抓住手中的红线。   

【职业预测】   你的理性和知性,适合做心理咨询师、访谈专员、顾问等。     

G. 野象   
自由奔放的霸道主义者   野象从小就生长在丛林里,非常热爱自由,高大醒目的外表很是抢眼,这类型   的人开朗乐观,自由奔放,颇得众人的喜爱,豪放起来有点不拘小节,不了解你的人可能   会被吓一跳哦!你具有积极进取的精神,为人坦率直接,行事果决,不管遇到大事还是小   事,都不会犹豫,越能激发你的斗志。   

【如何排除人际烦恼】   你有点小小的霸道,有时候让人很反感,建议你最好控制一下自己的坏脾气,   多为别人着想,人际关系才会更加顺利,此外,开玩笑要掌握好分寸,少跟小心眼的人混   在一起,即可避免不必要的麻烦。   

【对异性的态度】   你能大大方方地跟异性相处,很容易交到男朋友,你的霸道主义有时会让另一半受   不了,也很可能会脚踏两条船,唯有心胸宽大的异性,才能给你完美的爱情。   

【职业预测】   你的领导欲超强,不管什么工作都能得心应手,最适合自己当老板。