Saturday, May 23, 2009

Orientation Week - human monopoly

This week is the orientation week( 18/5 - 22/5 ) of tarc.... there are a lot of activities which organized by the student welfare committee just 4 the freshmen in tarc... Talentime Night, Orientation Odessey Night, Adjustment To College Life, Human Monopoly, Society Day & KL Tour.... Well, I think it's an unfair to all the pre-u( a-level & stpm) students becoz v had started our course earlier than the diploma students & v couldn't join all the activities... we'd miss our lessons if v had joined them.... but luckily, all the a-level students cooperated to skip our class & participated the human monopoly on the last day of the orientation week... of course, we had had the approval from miss huang...

There were about 50 groups in the human monopoly & each group had 10 members, u can imagine how many ppl were there in the sport complex who joining this game... i was in "yellow monkey"group v 2 of my classmates, jia ying & piak lin together v her frens.... b4 the games started, v communicated v each other... yeah, i've got more frens now... hehe...

Each group would've 10 stones from the organizer & v had to bet min. 10 stones at each game station.... the group who had won would get all the stones... On the other hand, those who had lost n had no enuf stones to bet had to go to the pawnshop to pawn our belongings 4 extra stones... In the 1st game, our group had won but after tat v r not as lucky as the others did... Overall, my group won only 3 games out of 8 games.... haha... wat a unlucky group!! v got only 7 stones left... v were running throughout this games n luckily it was just a part of tarc but not the whole college, or else v would b dying there.... however, all of us really enjoyed the games.... v had got a right choice to skip the class...=)

Oh ya! i meet even more kwang hua-rians in tarc in this orientation week... most of them r taking diploma thr... besides that, thr r also my ns frens studiyng thr too... haha... so happy to c them again... u noe wat, i considered tarc as the second kwang hua bcoz thr r really a lot of them studying thr.... can't wait to hang out v them sumday... but dunno whether my schedule allow it onot....hopefully yes!!

p/s: cy n i went to the audition 4 orientation odessey night (oo night)... both of us got into the 2nd audition.... but i din't go 4 it bcoz i'm just playing around... cy has got into the final of oo night( somethin like beauty contest) after the 2nd & 3rd audition... congrats!! she has to attend 4 the training bout 6 weeks... wow! it must b tiring... hopefully she can win the contest!!


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