Sunday, June 28, 2009


my housemates have planned to watch transformer today. V take a bus to pavilion at 2.30pm.... It takes us bout an hour to reach thr becoz there's a terrible traffic jam....
U know wat? v go to the cinema in pavilion but cant make to buy the tickets... all the tickets r sold out!! then, v change our venue to times square.... haha!! unluckily, the tickets for transformer in times square also sold out....

After that, v hav no choice n walk to sungai wang for ktv... paid rm41.40 for it n hav a delicious buffet thr... i go home v a full stomach.... SIGH... it's a waste i cant watch transformer today!!

i gotta catch up my homework by tomolo.... or else i'll fail my test for sure!! next month will b my test 1... hope i can get a good result !!


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