Monday, July 27, 2009


Sunday, July 19, 2009

5S1 gathering!!

ladies & gentlemen, here comes our class gathering!!!

DATE : 01/08/2009

VENUE : Suejean's House

TIME : 6pm - 11pm

DRESS : 5S1 t-shirt

* reply me as soon as possible becoz i need to do all the preparation for the party... any futher information do sms, email or call me... thx!!

p/s : i noe some of u may not attend the gathering, sorry for tat becoz of the unsuitable date... but for those who r free on tat day plz come k?? hope to c u soon....

Monday, July 13, 2009

oo night!!


the king & queen of the night

LEE CHEAU YIN aka CARWYN is the female champion of the oo night!! haha... she had made it finally!!

i'm so excited & happy v the result!! i suddenly broke down when i hear the result last night, too happy, 4 my dearest sis.... everything she did is worthful!! she did it.... she can rest now, dun hav to stay up until 3-4am for practicing again...

another thing i'm happy with is the School of Pre-Universities Studies(SPUS) group had grabbed most of the awards.... this shows that SPUS students r not geeks, v r good in other talent also!! haha...

Below these r the results of the oo night performance category:

Best Group( if i'm not mistaken) : School of Technologies(SOT)
Best Performance : School of Pre-U(SPUS)
Mr Photogenic : Adam(M6) - SPUS ( who is also cheau yin's partner)
Miss Photogenic : Jinn(F5) - SPUS
Male Champion : Adam(M6) - SPUS
Female Champion : Carwyn(F6) - SPUS

*em... sorry if i don't mention the 1st runner-up & 2nd runner-up coz i forget ad....


p/s: peng yin also the finalist of the oo night & she is the Female 1st Runner-up....


Friday, July 10, 2009


yippy! bio class is cancelled today coz all the lecturers will be having a meeting....
thinking of going home after lunch, but i change my mind when i pass thru citc.... Let's on9 & relax 4 a while!!

nothing to do.... juz updating my blog, checking my email inbox, viewing blogs of my frens.... Argh!! life is like so boring.... but it's quite comfortable to sit in an air-conditioned room...haha...

2 tests r coming soon next week, general paper & applied maths.... i think i can cope v it... i'll try to finish all my tutorial tis weekend.... there's a lot! muz finish them by tis week or else i'll not hav enuf time to revise other subjects!!

juz look thru my watch, it's 5pm now.... & the date: 10/7..... tis date look so familiar..... OH YA! it's loon han's birthday!! damn it.... i almost 4get it!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LOON HAN!! i wonder how is he now? really miss him... may all your dreams come thru.... work hard 4 your future!!

em... tis sunday is oo night.... cheau yin is goin to perform tat day.....hope she can win this competition since she has put a lot of effort in it.... i feel pity 4 her coz she always comes home late juz 4 extra training.... this week even worst, she trains until 3 or 4 in the morning.... she loss her weight & looks extremely pale now.... sumtime can't even to go to class.... haiz... worry bout her so much!! hope she can buck up v her homework & get well soon.... ALL THE BEST YO U! i bet she can b the champion 4 oo night!! plz support her, frens!! at least sms to support her, she'll b very happy....

ok, it's time to leave now... HOMEWORK!! I'M GOING TO DISSOLVE YOU!!

damn accurate 4 me...


A tall slim, cool and quiet woman. Once she is mad she can be very fierce. She can work better than some men and she is very high confident woman. In her opinion, woman is not just a flower or decoration at home or at an office and certainly not a weak sex who needs protection.

She likes to control and hide her weak emotions. She will never try to change anyone, but she will learn to accept them as they are. If she does not like someone, she will not comments or criticize but she will completely ignore that person.

She hate plastic and an artificial flower because it make her feel that you are not being sincere. She loves real flower and it's scent. She loves a guy who wear after shave cologne. If you are a type of a guy who wear your Jean one month before washing, or wear an old sneaker, then you can forget about her. She loves music and nature even there is a rare case otherwise.

She loves to go picnic in nature, so if you don't have so much time for her, you can take her fishing too.

She is not as jealous as Aquarius or Leo woman, but do not cross the line O.K. Better not to see she gets mad, especially in front of public when she feels like loosing face. She loves to make up and dress perfectly and very neat, so never rush her for this matter.

She has her own goal in life and does not care if you have a doctorate degree or not, if she thinks you are not bright then she will not care about you at all. She likes smart people by character not by certificate shown. If you can not show her this quality, go and take a bus and go to the next stop.

She does not like a dreamer who talk about his dream but never put his hands in action to make it happens. Don't bother to tell her "everyone is doing it, you should do it too", or "I think you should do it, it's good for you", because she will do what she wants to do only.

She is a neat and tidy person, so if your apartment is a pigsty , do not take her there. If you go out on a date with her , try to be presentable such as nice and clean dress, clean nails or else it will be your last date.

She is a cool type and will not nag, so easy on your ears. She is a slow but sure type. She will always respect and honor you and will never try to make you loose your face. If she loves you, she will help you in anything you do.

She likes to help people and expect nothing in return. If she asks you for a favor and does not get one, she will feel very disappoint. She has a high hope and a high faith and beliefs in her own confident than believing in "Luck".

If she is your wife, you will have nice and clean home and a gourmet cooking. If your parents visit your house, they will be please. She is a 3 in 1 means , a perfect mother, a perfect housewife, a perfect wife or you could say "happily ever after".

Friday, July 3, 2009


Argh!!! i'm gonna fail my chemistry test!! Damn it.... i hate myself 4 not reading the instructions carefully.... i had done the 2nd part wrongly..... The question demanded 4 ionic equation but i wrote the chemical equation!!! ah... how stupid! how careless! U noe wat is the most cruel thing tat my chemistry lecturer do to us? he'll deduct 10 marks if u din write your name in capital letters!! he din tell us during the test but he did typed this instruction on the test paper BUT i din notice tat!! uhh...uhh... after the test only i realized tat all my marks had flown away.... It's quite ridiculous for deducting marks juz 4 the name, sometimes i juz wanna whack the chemistry lecturer.... however, i think he does all this is 4 our own good.... at least he trains us to read the instrustions carefully so that v won't do any silly mistake.... i shud blame myself for this becoz of my carelessness but not the lecturer, so i do deserve the purnishment... thank god this is not the year end exam!! i'll never never repeat my mistake!!

Feel very stress recently, tonnes of homework.... few more tests coming soon.... haven revise anything yet.... haiz... how come studying is like so boring & meaningless? actually i dunno y i wanna study.... i'm lost.... sometimes i even think about giv up studying & search 4 a job.... at least i can earn some money.... haha... but i noe it's a stupid thought.... or mayb i've chosen a wrong course?? i really dunno.... Anyway, i'll keep it on!! capricorn never give up!! i wish i could finish my a-level course faster.... then i can learn playing violin & latin dance(mayb i'm not talented in these arts but i juz love them, i shud try them once in my life)...