Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Study hard!!

one more month to go....
plz study very very hard!!
u cannot lose your scholarship...
u just cannot lose it...
u noe u can do it,
just hav to put in effort,
then u will get wat u want ^-^


Saturday, September 26, 2009

librarian gathering ( 25/09/09 )

gathering again...v some of the ex-librarians at Lucky 10 in bandar baru klang...

i reached there bout 9pm & i saw zhi kang & loon han were already thr, waiting 4 us... well, the others, haven reached yet... haha... i thought i m the one who late...
after a few minutes, they all finally turned up... then v ordered some food & talked bout our recent life...

so happy to meet them: yenlink,jiayee,loonhan,zhikang,chiawen,thuantee & kaihwang... thank you thuantee who suggested this gathering...although there were only a few of us but it's worthy for me... hopefully there will be more gathering after tat.... do keep in touch^^

p/s: OMG!OMG!all i can say is only OMG!! i'm seriously in financial problem... i've spent too much this month...juz too much!! GOSH!GOSH! damn it! i muz save money from now...can someone plz donate money to me?? T.T

SN10E's hangout ^^( 24/09/09 )

after our class finished, v drove to times square to celebrate hanli's birthday....
v had our lunch at BBQ plaza, the food was damn delicious!!^^yummy!!
since v were lacked of time becoz the movie would be started at 4pm, so v only managed to sing a birthday song for hanli & the cake was brought back by 'dai lou'... after tat, v rushed to cinema for our movie : TSUNAMI^^ i found this movie quite boring but i still cried for the touching part of the story, it's more bout family & love....overall the movie is okies^^

in BBQ Plaza:

finally can hav our lunch after waiting bout 15mins outside...

the food!!

piak lin & teck wei... dun bully teck wei la!!

thx 4 serving us, piak lin... she looks so pro^^

piak lin & teck wei again v crossed chopsticks...

jia ying & me^^

look wat had they done after finished their food...

jia ying & me v the smiling face...

mun hoong, the ss one...

hanli, making her birthday wish...^^

happy birthday, girl!!

after watching the movie, Tsunami, i fetched teck wei, han li, jia ying & tze jian back...
yao bang, thx 4 leading me, or else i wouldn't get back home =D
B4 tat, v went to House Cafe in genting klang to hav our dinner... they treated me the meal, thank you so much!!

in House Cafe:

i'm totally exhausted but i did enjoy the day!!
argh!! muz catch up my hw ad... too much hangouts this week!!

ubk gathering (23/09/09)

since i hav not seen my juniors 4 a long time, so i organized a ubk gathering in pizza hut AEON Bukit Tinggi... thank you maxine 4 informing the others....
Let the photos do the talk...

chatting & joking around in Pizza Hut for 2++hours....
endless conversation... too many topics to talk about...

thx maxine, munyan 4 taking the photos...

cheauyin, peihao,peichin (ex-seniors of UBK)

members of UBK... family of UBK 4eva^^

** thx 4 coming, juniors, my little brothers & sisters.... i so glad to c u all... i noe u all r busy for spm but still spent your time v us.... i appreciate it very much...all the best to u all... i hope u all can get a good result in your spm... good luck!! will miss ya!!

** thx ghaixiong, peihao & yingying 4 coming too..... i appreciate it & i lov u all very much!!

-peihao: muz always take care of yourself, do keep in touch v me often when u get back to singapore... i hope u can become a marine engineer successfully^^

-ghaixiong: lol... u hav changed a lot!! i juz love the way u do... hope u can get a perfect gf, dun giv up, b confident!!

-yingying: u r the only fren i noe who take the early childhood education course.... u hav mama look & i noe u will b the best mama & kindergarten teacher in the world:D

** for those who couldn't go, i know u all r busy for your study, all the best & i really really miss u all!!


Wednesday, September 23, 2009




i want my life to be as calm as the ocean
no worries
no vexation
just peacefulness

Friday, September 18, 2009

relaxing day!!

hehe.... finally test 2 is over!!

firstly, i plan to go clubbing v my classmates today but it's screwed up becoz no girls goin...
haiz... but nvm, still got chance to go.... life is still young!!^^

so, ended up goin to klcc v jiaying, cute little fren... watched final destination, wat a ridiculous+lame+shit ending... can thr b a better ending?? lol... after tat watched a ghost movie v my housemate using my sis's laptop...

now i'm goin to watch heroes... i hav abandoned it for a long time... it's a high time to watch it now...


Saturday, September 12, 2009


pure maths test finished!!
feel relieved so much now....

i skipped the 1st question coz dunno wat it crapped bout + no time to think.....
so continue to another 4 questions...
luckily the questions r not very hard, can do the last 4...
but the 1st question contain 10marks, means my 10% is gone...
hopefully i can get 40/50 la...

i revised until 3am & i'm satisfied v wat i've done...
this prove tat if u really work hard, u can get wateva u 1^-^
muz continue to b hardworking....

p/s: I WILL GET 4A's IN AS & A2!! No doubt, I CAN!!

Friday, September 11, 2009



there is only one formula to succeed : WORK HARD !!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


我相信 天涯海角是不存在的


只要你勇往直前 前方一定有成功之路


转个弯 依然会有希望

i believe that everything will be fine if u really work hard on it,
so dun afraid of the obstacles in front of u,
take them as your challenges,
defeat them & u will become the winner....


Friday, September 4, 2009

where is the LOVE??












Tuesday, September 1, 2009

chemistry suckzz!!

argh!!! i'm goin to fail my chemistry again...
well, i deserve it becoz never finish my revision...

hav to quarantine myself in the confined room
JUZ for studying!!

GOD bless me^^

2 months more to the year end exam...
hopefully i can do well...
no more excuse for myself if i get poor result in the exam!!