Saturday, September 26, 2009

SN10E's hangout ^^( 24/09/09 )

after our class finished, v drove to times square to celebrate hanli's birthday....
v had our lunch at BBQ plaza, the food was damn delicious!!^^yummy!!
since v were lacked of time becoz the movie would be started at 4pm, so v only managed to sing a birthday song for hanli & the cake was brought back by 'dai lou'... after tat, v rushed to cinema for our movie : TSUNAMI^^ i found this movie quite boring but i still cried for the touching part of the story, it's more bout family & love....overall the movie is okies^^

in BBQ Plaza:

finally can hav our lunch after waiting bout 15mins outside...

the food!!

piak lin & teck wei... dun bully teck wei la!!

thx 4 serving us, piak lin... she looks so pro^^

piak lin & teck wei again v crossed chopsticks...

jia ying & me^^

look wat had they done after finished their food...

jia ying & me v the smiling face...

mun hoong, the ss one...

hanli, making her birthday wish...^^

happy birthday, girl!!

after watching the movie, Tsunami, i fetched teck wei, han li, jia ying & tze jian back...
yao bang, thx 4 leading me, or else i wouldn't get back home =D
B4 tat, v went to House Cafe in genting klang to hav our dinner... they treated me the meal, thank you so much!!

in House Cafe:

i'm totally exhausted but i did enjoy the day!!
argh!! muz catch up my hw ad... too much hangouts this week!!


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