Saturday, September 26, 2009

ubk gathering (23/09/09)

since i hav not seen my juniors 4 a long time, so i organized a ubk gathering in pizza hut AEON Bukit Tinggi... thank you maxine 4 informing the others....
Let the photos do the talk...

chatting & joking around in Pizza Hut for 2++hours....
endless conversation... too many topics to talk about...

thx maxine, munyan 4 taking the photos...

cheauyin, peihao,peichin (ex-seniors of UBK)

members of UBK... family of UBK 4eva^^

** thx 4 coming, juniors, my little brothers & sisters.... i so glad to c u all... i noe u all r busy for spm but still spent your time v us.... i appreciate it very much...all the best to u all... i hope u all can get a good result in your spm... good luck!! will miss ya!!

** thx ghaixiong, peihao & yingying 4 coming too..... i appreciate it & i lov u all very much!!

-peihao: muz always take care of yourself, do keep in touch v me often when u get back to singapore... i hope u can become a marine engineer successfully^^

-ghaixiong: lol... u hav changed a lot!! i juz love the way u do... hope u can get a perfect gf, dun giv up, b confident!!

-yingying: u r the only fren i noe who take the early childhood education course.... u hav mama look & i noe u will b the best mama & kindergarten teacher in the world:D

** for those who couldn't go, i know u all r busy for your study, all the best & i really really miss u all!!



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