Sunday, November 22, 2009

Is friend a friend?

In fact, we can't believe all of our friends
because some of them may betray u
to get what they desire
to get what they like
or may be just because of jealousy

I love my friends
but sometimes i doubt too
can they be trusted??
will they betray me someday??
however, the most important thing is we should always treat them well
no matter what happen we should always give a helping hand

Deep inside my heart
i believe that
those who being kind to the others
will always be blessed by GOD
and they'll acquire what they want

Love your friends 100%
but trust your friends 80%
u dunno what they will do
people will change
that's a truth

hey, friends
people are unpredictable
u must always beware

p/s: dun put too much faith in me^^ lol...


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