Wednesday, December 23, 2009

most wonderful trip in my life =)

aim: exercise & gathering v best buddies
date: 22/12/09
time: 10.30am
venue: bukit cahaya, shah alam
participants: wei qi, sue jean, tien xiang, cheau yin & pei chin

As usual, we bought the tickets in the main entrance at first & then rented bicycles at the shop...

taadaa... our superb bikes!! lol... but they made our butts so painful =D

donkey tx, monkey sj, rabbit qi & me(ape??)

after cycling for a while, we stopped by at the hanging bridge

of course, we never forget to visit the swmming pool & SWIM!!

before going back, we took a photo with the animal statues...
look at that dai bi rabbit Qi, so excited with the rabbit statue

when we were about to return the bikes & went home, guess what happen??
LOL... 2 monkeys were approaching us & they looked so damn fierce...
we knew that they were craving for foods & aiming for our backpacks...
needless to say, all of us were startled but we remained calm & tried to cycle as far as we can
except blur girl, jean... she was so scared & did not dare to move... so i waited for her & asked her to move... the monkeys started to attack me, i had no choice but to cycle away...
i thought jean will follow me behind but no, she was still standing there...
Finally, she was attacked by those monkeys... luckily she knew how to throw her bag & run AT LAST!! haix... pity her, she cried like a baby....

our most kindhearted wei qi was saving her after the incident yet he was
the very first one who ran away when the monkeys were about to attack jean

look at the wound scratched by those aggressive monkeys

In conclusion, we got out of bukit cahaya safely after the monkeys attack...
we brought jean to clinic for injection to prevent any infection...
& this is how she gets her new address, MONKEY WOMEN =P

p/s: jean, i wanted to save u but i had no weapon & i was scared too!! sorry~


Kaiye said...

I think I can imagine Weiqi's reaction..
I still remember how he reacted that time,
at Sunway Lagoon when I was about to drown!!
(yea yea, I almost drowned at S-u-n-w-a-y L-a-g-o-o-n, so what?)
Tx was trying to pull me up,and that rabbit 'hopped' away!!
BUT after that,he returned to (ahem..) SAVE ME!!

ps: I think that is Weiqi's habit, ran away when things happen but will return and do the right thing!right Weiqi? I'm praising you wei..;)

Cassandra said...

haha... ya ya..he is... always the 1st to run away when accident happens and then only come back to console u...

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