Sunday, January 3, 2010

i love


It's a Taiwanese drama full of nostalgia

i love their sweet love story

i love their faithful friendship
i love their filial piety
i love their happy family

i love their persistence

i love their originality

i'm not sure whether it's a true story but this drama is really interesting & i've learn a lot of things from it... i recommend you all to watch it... may be some parts of the story are quite boring but if u keep watching you'll find it very interesting... you can watch it on PPS or youtube or Astro tv channel (301) weekdays at 6pm...

truely friendship

The main characters:

黄藤浩 饰 许毅源

杨一展 饰 陶复邦

陈怡容 饰 孙一美

赖雅妍 饰 汪茜茜

they are best friends & couples

i love this couple very much!!


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