Friday, March 5, 2010

i'm competing with the time now, AS trial is coming soon, 2 more weeks to go... and 2 months later, i'll be sitting for the AS exam... wow! can u see how fast the time pass?

recently, i'm totally overwhelmed by books & notes... study,study,study & study!! i spend most of my time sitting on a chair & facing a book in the library & also my room everyday... i also hardly turn on the laptop & online for my pass time...wat i had told myself is study first, study u know wat? i hope i'll not turn into a geek...

i'm tired, very tired, still, i hav to cope with my study... can't relax for this moment... however, i love to study, despite it's tiring & tough, i'm glad to learn something new... few more months to finish a level... and then, i will pursue my dream, my aim, my real life... there are a lot of things i would like to do, too many... hopefully i can achieve them... i'm looking forward for the next challenge in my life....



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