Thursday, July 15, 2010

i want everything back to normal!

health is getting worst day by day
pimples & blackheads are as if the fast-growing mushrooms
keep popping out on my face
they are so annoying!!

insomnia creeps in my life as well
even though i lay on my bed early
but it is hard for me to fell asleep
i can only sleep at 2++am everyday!
what the hell is happening to me??
may be i use to stay up late for revision recently
tat's why my body will react like this...

OH~ i miss my healthy & pretty face so much

i NEED facial so BADLY!!
i NEED body massage so BADLY!!

how much i wish i can finish up A Level as soon as possible
it has turned me into a CORPSE T.T
still, i will work hard for it....

GOD bless me, please~


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