Monday, September 27, 2010


Don't say you love me
because i love you more than you love me
Don't say you hate yourself
because i hate myself more than you hate yourself
i hate myself for not supporting you
but i won't allow myself to fake my own feelings
to accept all these...
it's ok that i'm not the one you will talk to when you're drowning
it's ok that you tell your secret to your friend but not me
but do i condemn you always?!
please, think carefully, do i?
no, i don't!
i even support you & ask you to reconsider your decision
when those things happen twice
now, the third time, yet you are still making the same mistake
this is the first time i hurt you and condemn you in this way
i know what you had been through
i know you can be very strong
but don't think that you are a very strong person
human are fragile
how many times could you be strong?
strong enough to make another mistake?
don't tell me how difficult your situation is
if you cruel enough
if you hold on long enough
may be things will turn out differently
however you give up too easily
i used to see joy & hope in you last time
now, not anymore, just disappointment & despair
you will never understand how much i've hurt
you will never understand how suffering i am
you let me down so much so much
your words your action
are like thousand of knives stabbing on my chest
never mind, i can bear with it
may be i should just mind my own business & go on
19 years, so what?
it still lose to the 1 year...

p/s: how can i hold my tears??


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