Thursday, December 30, 2010

To Him . To Her

Time is running fast, here we come to the end of 2010... I think most of them will post their new year resolutions in their blogs, but for me, I would write this rather than my resolutions=)

This post is especially for my animal gang, just a little words i wanna tell you all before the arrival of a new year...

To her, the kakatak:

Well, well, the bed is so empty without you, even though i can sleep on a wider bed but i would rather squeeze with you=) You are the one who always need freedom, and now, u got it....Just appreciate what you have now because you will not always get what you want... I hope you will become more independent without me by your side, and i believe you will... Be more hardworking in doing your house chores since i'm not there to do them for you XD I'm looking forward to your Singapore stories, so badly! Lastly, just wanna tell you that, you will find the right one, give yourself some time, this kind of thing cannot be rushed=) don't confuse love & loneliness... love you >.<

To her, the wild boar:

You are the most sensitive one among us. You care about every little thing in your life, including your relationship, friendship or work. You always afraid of being left out, don't you? That's why every time when we are planning or doing something, we will be extra careful, and always think about you, because we afraid that if we do something wrong, you will be angry or unhappy. I do admire you, you know? you are very courageous, you dare to do what ever you want to do, unlike me, always doubt my ability. You always know what you want, and will work very hard to attain your goals. Being straight forward is not a bad thing but you should always care about others feelings. I know you are still searching for a down-to-earth guy, a man who can be trusted and take care of you in the future. Just be patient, you will get one for sure. Anyway, I think you can live without a man XD Don't be too obsess of what other people think about you, live the way you are=) Love you as always :D

To her, the monkey girl:

A blur girl as usual. haha... You are the one who I worry about the most! You do everything seriously but you are always careless. Can you be more careful & don't be blur all the time? Anyway, you are an adventurous one, love to try out new things. I think you have exposed yourself to many different people & different things right? It's great but you must always take care of yourself. Beware of everyone around you, they might harm you for some reasons. Be patient all the time, try to tolerate with everyone around you although sometimes you may unwilling to follow their ways, but of course, not all the time. Last but not least, be more confident in your relationship, you have found a good one now, appreciate him. I know sometimes it's hard to let go something, but you should learn to open up heart & mind, for your own good. Soon, you will be leaving us too, & I'm sure I'll miss you a lot! heart you =>

To him, the rabbit:

You are the one who love to ffk! lol~ I know you have your reason. I'm glad that you have changed a lot, at least you are not as cool as before=) Hanging out with you will always be fun, you'll never fail to make me laugh, & sometimes I wonder, since when you have became a joker?
Honestly, sometimes I do envy of the relationship between you & your gang ( you know who I mean right?) because you seem closer with them rather than us=( But I know this is your freedom of choosing friends, I can't be selfish though. Deep inside my heart, I know you still love & care about our gang after all. Remember, don't always tease or mock other people although sometimes you disagree with them, try to think positively about them. I hope I'll get your wedding card someday, sincerely. Heart you too =D

To him, the donkey:

Can I call you a clubber? haha...may be not... But I do enjoy clubbing with you. Somehow, I think our relationship become estranged after F5, we don't really sit down & talk to each other, may be it's because of we are very busy all the time. Anyway, you are still the best friend of mine=) You are such a supporting friend, no matter what gathering or party it is, you will sure try your best to attend. There were some misunderstanding between us before but it doesn't matter anymore right? You are very forgiving, I appreciate it very much. I'll always remember how you take care of me all the time, thanks bro! erm... I guess you enjoy your single life very much huh? Anyhow, I wish you will get a good girlfriend very soon. Do take care yourself in US.... *hug hug*

To him, the horse:

You may not be reading my blog but I will still write for you anyway. I miss you a lot man! There will be lots of laughters with your presence. A big smile is always on your face, I will be delighted every time I see you... How are you there in China? You have not been calling me for a long time... I'm hoping you to speak with me with fluent mandarin next time you come back. I know you will became a great chinese teacher in the future! Wait for you here... loves :)

best friends, with loves=)

Lee's sisters, always!

* God send you all to beautify my life, the love to you all is like "more than words", it's indescribable in words... Be happy my best friends & sis, I'll always here to pray for you*


Anonymous said...

very honest and touching leh =)
anyway what animal are you?

Cassandra said...

haha... who r u?? lol... actually i dunno wat animal i'm... i'm juz the mama i think...

Anonymous said...

I'm your number one fan. =)
Haha, you are the lion loh. King of the jungle. =D

Cassandra said...

well well...thx for being my fan then.... erm... i think i suit horse better=)

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