Sunday, May 29, 2011

Save Our Children

9 million children
under the age of five die every year, mostly from preventable causes resulting from the lack of food, clean water, sanitation and access to health care. These unnecessary deaths are preventable if the basic health care are available for all the children and mothers. Every child deserves to live, they have the right to possess a good and quality living condition. Therefore, every single of your effort in raising funds is very important to save a child's life! We should work hard together to fight poverty and provide those communities who are suffering a better life. Here is a chance for you to contribute, let's come to join our DIY Famine Camp!
Camp's name : Ali De Speranza 希望之翼
Camp's theme : Child Health Crisis 儿童健康危机
Venue : Klang & Coast Buddhist Association 巴生滨海佛学会
Official Famine Date : 6-7 August 2011
30-hour Famine camp is not merely for you to experience hunger but to raise an awareness of the poverty issue in the third world countries. We must play our roles in eradicating poverty and saving the children with illness. Please don't hesitate to join us, I'm sure you will make a difference in the children life. Bring a friend, and spread this vital message to the society. Remember, we need YOU!

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