Thursday, December 29, 2011

.Be good.

It's great to see another rainbow before this year ends. Rainbow indicates something good right? Yes, I think. Was so excited when I saw the rainbow, nope, there were rainbows actually, two rainbows. One was blur while one was obvious, perfect and beautiful. I took a photo of them, but it wasn't clear, trying to take another but I was too slow, they disappeared once I prepared to snap them for the second time. Every time I wonder, why do good things always gone so fast, sometimes we have not enjoy them long enough, but they will just slip away in a blink of eyes. Time passes so fast, things happen too quickly, this reminds me to grab every chance and utilize every moment I have.

Live in the moment. Yea, a cliché but I still want to mention it. We tend to live in the past, and too eager for the future, very few of us will really think about now, the time we are having now, this moment. What should I do now? How am I feeling now? Have you ever ask yourself about these questions? Thinking about your future goals is not wrong, planning ahead is not incorrect either. However, if you care about your future, the things that you are unsure too much, you may miss or overlook something important that is happening around you right now. Sometimes you just have to slow down your steps, take a good look of everything surrounds you in this moment and you will find that this world is not only beautiful but WONDERFUL. As for the past, just let bygones be bygones. Everything that had happened is already a history, we can't change anything of it. Therefore, don't ever lock yourself in the past but learn from your history and move on instead. Make yourself into a better person in the future. Be stronger and happier =)

Am I happy now? Ask yourself this question every day. If you are, GREAT! Keep it up and tell yourself that you will feel even better tomorrow. If you are not, CHANGE it! There is no point worrying because everything will be alright in the end. No matter how hard a problem is, it will surely be resolved. Smile and pray hard. Remember, you must live well in the rest of your life because life is SHORT! Don't spend your time and days worrying and being sad, you don't know how long you will live, think positively and good things will definitely come to you. Be good to yourself, love yourself more, and people will love you too. 

-Write amazing chapters of your life.-


prisca said...

Rainbow indicates God's promise. :)
Rainbow is first shown after the incident of Noah.
God used water to flood the earth. Every human and livestock die except Noah's family and those animals he brought to the ark.At that time, every man on earth are wicked and evil, only Noah found favor in the eyes of God.
God later used rainbow as the sign of the covenant He made to Noah, which is never again will there be a flood to destroy the earth.
see Genesis 6-9

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